Mrs. Canopy will return soon!

I am on maternity leave, and will return on January 25th.  Until then, my long term substitute is Mr. Sullivan and can be reached at

I will check my emails periodically until I return, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Week 13 11/30 - 12/4


Monday (11/30): Writing Chemical Equations Notes, Types of Reactions Worksheet Due (advanced)
Tuesday (12/1): Electrolysis of Water Lab, Writing Chemical Equations Worksheet Due
Wednesday (12/2): Antoine Lavoisier Notes
Thursday (12/3): Balancing Equations Quiz, Notebook Check, Lavoisier Annotation Due
Friday (12/4): Mythbusters Chemical Reactions, Types of Reactions Lab (Advanced)

Week 12 11/23 - 11/27


Monday (11/23): Balancing Equations Online Activity, Notebook Check
Tuesday (11/24): Balancing Equations Bead Activity, Simulation Due
Wednesday (11/25): Balancing Equations Practice, Balancing Equations Worksheet Due, Types of Reactions (Advanced)
Thursday (11/26): No School
Friday (11/27): No School

Week 11 11/16 - 11/20


Monday (11/16): Covalent Bonding Dot Activity
Tuesday (11/17): Lewis Structures Covalent Bonding, Covalent Bonding Worksheet Due
Wednesday (11/18): Review
Thursday (11/19): Unit Test, Chemical Reactions Vocab
Friday (11/20): Chemical Reactions, & Conservation of Mass notes

Week 10 11/9 - 11/13


Monday (11/9): No School - Teacher Workday
Tuesday (11/10): Writing Formulas, Ionic Bonding Worksheet Due
Wednesday (11/11): Quiz, Notebook Check
Thursday (11/12): Covalent Bonding Notes, Naming Compounds Worksheet Due, Pauling Article Due (Advanced only)
Friday (11/13): Covalent Bonding Simulation

Week 9 11/2 - 11/6

Homework Help Night:  Tuesday November 3 - Students are supervised until 4:30 and can ride the activity bus home 


Monday (11/2): Chemical Bonding Notes
Tuesday (11/3): Formation of Ions, Chemical Bonding Vocab Due
Wednesday (11/4): Ionic Bonding Simulation
Thursday (11/5): Ionic Bonding Notes
Friday (11/6): Naming Compounds, Last Day of Quarter

Ionic Bonding Worksheet Due Tuesday

Week 8 10/26 - 10/30


Monday (10/26): Representative Groups Notes
Tuesday (10/27): Alien Periodic Table, Representative Groups Worksheet Due
Wednesday (10/28): Periodic Table Battleship
Thursday (10/29): Review, Advanced: Article Due
Friday (10/30): Unit Test

Week 7 10/19 - 10/23


Monday (10/19): Organizing the Elements Notes
Tuesday (10/20): The Modern Periodic Table Notes, Organizing the Elements worksheet due
Wednesday (10/21): Development of the Periodic Table Article, Advanced Lab: Predicting the Density of Germanium
Thursday (10/22): Periodic Table Basics Activity, The Modern Periodic Table Worksheet Due
Friday (10/23): Hunting the Elements, Notebook Check

Week 6 10/12 - 10/16


Monday (10/12): Review
Tuesday (10/13): Unit Test, Bohr/Lewis Extra Credit & Atomic Structure word find due
Wednesday (10/14): Hunting the Elements, Notebook Check (vocab & review)
Thursday (10/15): No School
Friday (10/16): No School

Week 5 10/5 - 10/9

Homework Help Night:  Tuesday October 6 - Students are supervised until 4:30 and can ride the activity bus home 


Monday (10/5): Modeling the Location of an Electron, Atomic Theory Comic Strip Due
Tuesday (10/6): Structure of an Atom Notes
Wednesday (10/7): Build an Atom Computer Simulation
Thursday (10/8): Bohr Diagrams, Structure of an Atom Due
Friday (10/9): Lewis Structures, Study Flip-books, Atomic Structure word find

Unit Test on Tuesday October 13
Bohr/Lewis Extra Credit Due Tuesday October 13

Week 4 9/28 - 10/2


Monday (9/28): Bohr Notes
Tuesday (9/29): Quiz, Bunsen Burner Safety
Wednesday (9/30): Flame Test Lab - video for 2nd hour
Thursday (10/1): Electron Cloud Model Notes, Advanced Bohr Color Spectrum
Friday (10/2): Chadwick Notes, Modern Atomic Theory Worksheet Due

Atomic Theory Comic Strip Due Monday

Week 3 9/21 - 9/25


Monday (9/21): Dalton's Atomic Theory
Tuesday (9/22): Quiz, Vocab Activity
Wednesday (9/23): Thompson's Atomic Theory
Thursday (9/24): Rutherford's Atomic Theory, Advanced - Vocab Due
Friday (9/25): Rolling with Rutherford Lab, Studying Atoms Worksheet Due

Week 2 9/14 - 9/18


Monday (9/14): General Science Vocabulary, Pendulum Lab Conclusion
Tuesday(9/15): Graphing Practice
Wednesday (9/16): Graphing Practice
Thursday (9/17): Atomic Theory Vocab, Atom Basics Notes, What is Science? Due
Friday (9/18): Getting Atom Article, Vocab Due, Notebook Check

Week 1 9/7 - 9/11

Welcome Back!  Don't forget to bring your science notebook and glue!

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Notebook setup, classroom expectations
Wednesday: Lab Safety Day
Thursday: Scientific Method Notes
Friday: Pendulum Lab, Lab Safety Contract Due*

*Lab safety contracts MUST be signed by a parent/guardian in order for students to participate in labs!! If their safety contract is not turned in on Friday, students will need to complete an alternate assignment

Open House

Don't forget to bring a composition notebook and 2 bottles of glue to the first day of science!

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  • Find out when assignments are due or when tests are
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Summer School Due Date Schedule

This is a guideline of due dates for students to complete coursework.  Grades will be entered as 'missing' if not completed by these dates, but will not be counted as 'late' when turned in.  If students fall behind, they may need to work at home to catch up.

June 24th - Unit 1 Packet Due - Take Unit 1 Test

July 1st - Unit 2 Packet Due - Take Unit 2 Test

July 10th - Unit 3 Packet Due - Take Unit 3 Test

July 17th - Unit 4 Packet Due - Take Unit 4 Test

July 24th - Unit 5 Packet Due - Take Unit 5 Test (Last Day of Summer School)

Welcome to Summer School

Welcome to Summer School Physical Science!

You are required to pass this course to graduate from High School.  This course runs from Wednesday, June 17th through Friday, July 24th.

No Class July 2-3

Students should bring a writing utensil, and a calculator every day.  This course is self paced, but I will post a general schedule of when unit packets and tests should be completed to finish in time.

There are 5 units packets and 5 tests in this course.  You must pass the current unit test to move on to the next unit.  Students will be working independently, but are encouraged to ask questions and seek help if they do not understand material.

Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Week 42 6/1 - 6/5


Monday: Review
Tuesday: Review
Wednesday: Final Test, Review Due
Thursday: Work Day
Friday: Work Day

Earth Science

Monday: State Park Brochure
Tuesday: Final Test
Wednesday: State Park Brochure Due at end of class
Thursday: Work Day
Friday: Work Day

Have a great summer!

Week 41 5/27 - 5/29


Monday: No School
Tuesday: No School - Teacher Workday
Wednesday: MN Mining
Thursday: State Park Brochure
Friday: State Park Brochure

Earth Science

Monday: No School
Tuesday: No School - Teacher Work Day
Wednesday: Sound Notes
Thursday: Sound Brainpop
Friday: Sound Mythbusters, Sound Brainpop Due

Week 40 5/18 - 5/22


Monday: Electrical Energy & Transmission
Tuesday: Review
Wednesday: Magnets Lab
Thursday: Electricity Test
Friday: Sound Notes

Earth Science

Monday: Earth Science-opoly (review for final)
Tuesday: Agates with Mr. Monroe
Wednesday: Earth Science-opoly
Thursday: Earth Science-opoly
Friday: Minnesota Mining

Week 39 5/11 - 5/15


Monday: Build a Circuit
Tuesday: Build a Circuit
Wednesday: Electricity Quiz, Notebook Check
Thursday: Electromagnetism Notes
Friday: Magnetism BrainPop

Earth Science

Monday: Climate Change
Tuesday: Carbon Footprint Webquest (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3)
Wednesday: MN Geologic History, Webquest Due
Thursday: MN Glaciers
Friday: Agates

Week 38 5/4 - 5/8


Monday: Electricity BrainPop
Tuesday: Static Electricity Notes
Wednesday: Static Simulation, BrainPop Due
Thursday: Circuit Assignment
Friday: Circuit Assignment

Earth Science

Monday: MCA Test
Tuesday: MCA Test
Wednesday: The Day After Tomorrow
Thursday: The Day After Tomorrow
Friday: The Day After Tomorrow

Week 35 4/27 - 5/1

Homework Help Night:  Wednesday April 29th - Students are supervised until 4:30 and can ride the activity bus home


Monday: Unit Test, start vocab
Tuesday: Electric Current & Ohm's Law Notes
Wednesday: Static Electricity Lab
Thursday: Circuits Notes
Friday:  Ohm's Law Mythbusters

Earth Science

Monday: Erosion Notes
Tuesday: Mechanical & Chemical Weathering
Wednesday: Glaciers Webquest  Part 1Part 2Part 3
Thursday: Glaciers Notes, Webquest Due
Friday:MCA Review

MCA Monday & Tuesday Next Week!

Week 34 4/20 - 4/24


Monday: Conservation of Energy
Tuesday: Conservation of Energy practice problems
Wednesday: Roller Coaster Physics, Notebook Check
Thursday: Roller Coaster Physics
Friday: Review, Extra Credit Due

Unit Test Monday

Earth Science

Monday: Predicting the Weather
Tuesday: Reading a Weather Map
Wednesday: Review
Thursday: Meteorology Test
Friday: MCA Review, Extra Credit Due

Week 33 4/13 - 4/17


Monday: Potential & Kinetic Energy Notes
Tuesday: Work/Power Quiz
Wednesday: PE & KE practice problems
Thursday: PE & KE mass lab
Friday: Types of Energy Notes

Earth Science

Monday: Air Pressure & Wind Notes
Tuesday:  Air Masses & Fronts Activity
Wednesday:  Storms Notes, Air Masses & Fronts Activity Due
Thursday: Weather BrainPop
Friday: MCA Review

Week 32 4/6 - 4/10


Monday: Work Power Calculations
Tuesday: Strong Man Power Lab
Wednesday:  Work/Power BrainPop,
Thursday: Stair Climb Power Lab, Notebook Check
Friday: Finish Labs

Earth Science

Monday: Water in the Atmosphere, lab data from last week
Tuesday:  Sling Psychrometer Lab - data for absent students
Wednesday: Cloud Notes, Cloud Art
Thursday: Atmosphere Quiz, Precipitation Notes
Friday: Anemometer Lab, Cloud Art Due

Week 31 3/30 - 4/3

End of Quarter 3 is Tuesday March 31


Monday: Work, Power, Energy Vocab
Tuesday: Work Notes
Wednesday: No School
Thursday: No School
Friday: No School

Earth Science

Monday: Heating the Earth's Surface Lab
Tuesday: % Oxygen in the Atmosphere Lab
Wednesday: No School
Thursday: No School
Friday: No School

Labs due Monday

Week 30 3/23 - 3/27

Homework Help Night:  Wednesday March 25th - Students are supervised until 4:30 and can ride the activity bus home   


Monday:  Newton's 3rd Law Notes
Tuesday:  3rd Law Activity
Wednesday: Universal Law of Gravitation
Thursday:  Review
Friday:  Test

Earth Science

Monday: Ocean Currents
Tuesday: Water Quiz, Meteorology Vocab
Wednesday: Layers of the Atmosphere
Thursday:  Energy in the Atmosphere
Friday: Work Day, Vocab, Atmosphere Graph, and UV Bead Experiment Due

Week 29 3/16 - 3/20


Monday:  No School
Tuesday: Newton's 2nd Law Notes
Wednesday: Force Example Problems
Thursday: 2nd Law Lab
Friday: Quiz, Notebook Check

Earth Science

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Drinking Water
Wednesday: Guest Speaker
Thursday: Water Pollution Mystery
Friday: Groundwater BrainPop

Water Cycle BrainPop  OR  Water BrainPop

Week 28 3/9 - 3/13

Have a great Spring Break!

Week 27 3/2 - 3/6


Monday: Galileo Reading,
Tuesday: Galileo Marble Lab
Wednesday: Newtons 1st Law notes, Notebook Check
Thursday: Mythbusters Day
Friday: Inertia Lab - video for absent students

Earth Science

Monday: Water Unit Vocab
Tuesday: Water Notes, Water Use Audit
Wednesday: Water Cycle
Thursday: Watershed Notes
Friday: MCA Review

MCA Webquest link 1
MCA Webquest link 2
MCA Webquest link 3

Week 26 2/23 - 2/27

Student Led Conferences Tuesday and Thursday this week


Monday: Forces Intro
Tuesday: Forces Notes
Wednesday: Friction Notes
Thursday: Friction Lab
Friday: Gravity & Projectile Motion

Earth Science

Monday: Type Planet Comparison Paper
Tuesday: Stars Notes, Planet Comparison Paper Due
Wednesday: Telescope Video
Thursday: Astronomy Review
Friday: Astronomy Unit Test, Extra Credit Due

Week 25 12/17 - 12/20

Homework Help Night - Wednesday Feb 18th - Students are supervised until 4:30 and can ride the activity bus home  


Monday: No School
Tuesday: Acceleration Notes
Wednesday: Acceleration Practice Problems
Thursday: Review, Practice Problems Due
Friday: Unit Test

Earth Science

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Sun Notes
Wednesday: Planets Notes
Thursday: Planet Comparison Research
Friday: Solar System Lab

Week 24 2/9 - 2/13

Homework Help Night - Tuesday Feb 10th - Students are supervised until 4:30 and can ride the activity bus home 


Monday: Physics 500, Graphing Motion OUT due
Tuesday: Physics 500, review for quiz
Wednesday: Quiz, Notebook Check
Thursday: Bowling Ball Speed graph
Friday: Acceleration Notes

Earth Science

Monday: Earth's Place in Space Notes
Tuesday: Moon notes, Oreo Phases of the Moon
Wednesday: Notebook Check, Lunar Phases Simulation
Thursday: Our Moving Earth Lab
Friday: Quiz, Finish Lab

Week 23 2/2 - 2/6


Monday: Distance & Displacement Notes, Notebook Quiz
Tuesday: Speed & Velocity Notes, Distance & Displacement Graph Due
Wednesday: Speed & Velocity Practice Equations
Thursday: Distance/Displacement Lab (Larval Loopers)
Friday: Graphing Motion

Earth Science

Monday: Unit Test
Tuesday: Astronomy Intro Notes - Vocab
Wednesday: Gravity Notes
Thursday: Gravity Lab
Friday: Forces Lab, Gravity Lab Due

Week 22 1/26 - 1/30


Monday: Finish Lab
Tuesday: Unit Conversion Notes, Lab Conclusion Due
Wednesday: Unit Conversion Cards (practice)
Thursday: Unit Conversion Assignment
Friday: Distance/Displacement Notes, Unit Conversion Quiz, Notebook Check

Earth Science

Monday: Fossil Notes, Funky Fossil Assignment
Tuesday: Law of Superposition, Relative Dating, Funky Fossils Due
Wednesday: Index and Trace Fossils, Findasaurus Activity
Thursday: Half-Life Lab (carbon dating), Findasaurus Due
Friday: Fossil Fuels, Review

Unit Test Monday 

Week 21 1/19 - 1/23

Physics Reminder - bring a new composition notebook and 2nd bottle of glue if you have not already


Monday: No School
Tuesday: No School
Wednesday: No School
Thursday: Notebook Set-up & Physics Intro
Friday: Pencil Cart Lab

Earth Science

Monday: No School
Tuesday: No School
Wednesday: No School
Thursday: Geologic Time Intro & Notebook Set-up
Friday: Geologic Timeline

Geologic Timeline due Monday

Week 20 1/12 - 1/16

Homework Help Night - Thursday Jan. 15th - Students are supervised until 4:30 and can ride the activity bus home  


Monday: Electromagnetic Spectrum, Energy RAFT due
Tuesday: Review
Wednesday: Review (Kahoot)
Thursday: Final
Friday: Mystery Lab

Earth Science

Monday: Volcanoes notes
Tuesday: Volcanoes activity
Wednesday: Review
Thursday: Unit Test
Friday: Work Day

Week 19 1/5 - 1/9


Monday: Vocab & Review
Tuesday: Decay Chains
Wednesday: No School
Thursday: Fusion & Fission, vocab due
Friday: RAFT Energy - directions
               Resources: Wind, Nuclear, Hydropower, Solar, Fossil Fuels
RAFT due Monday

Earth Science

Monday: Sea Floor Spreading
Tuesday:  Earthquakes
Wednesday: Earthquake epicenter activity
Thursday:  P & S Waves
Friday:  Earthquake Online Activity