Life Science

Earth Science


Unit 1 - Motion & Unit Conversion

y = mx + b equation

Crash Course: Unit Conversion & Sig Figs

Unit Conversion

Unit Conversion - multi-step

Significant Figures (sig figs) 

Distance & Displacement

Speed Practice Problems

Acceleration Practice Problems 

Unit 2 - Forces

System Schemas & Force Diagrams

Force = mass x acceleration: practice problems

Universal Law of Gravitation

Unit 3 - Work, Power, Energy

Work & Power equations 

GPE (Gravitational Potential Energy)

KE (Kinetic Energy)

Unit 4 - Electricity

Ohm's Law 

Unit 5 - Magnetism & Sound

Unit 1 - Atomic Theory

Crash Course Chemistry: History of Atomic Theory

Crash Course Chemistry:  Nucleus

Crash Course Chemistry:  Electrons

Unit 2 - Periodic Table

How to draw a Bohr Diagram

How to draw an Electron Dot Diagram (Lewis Structure)

Periodic Table of Videos 

Crash Course Chemistry: Mendeleev and the Periodic Table

Hunting the Elements - Nova PBS

Crash Course Chemistry:  How to Speak Chemistrian

Unit 3 - Chemical Bonding

Ionic Bonding and Ionic Compound

Covalent Bonding Lewis Structures

Crash Course Chemistry: Naming Ionic Compounds

Unit 4 - Chemical Reactions

Balancing Chemical Equations

Types of Chemical Reactions 

Crash Course Chemistry:  Fundamental Laws (Antoine Lavoisier)

How to Write Chemical Formula

Writing Chemical Equations

Electrolysis of Water 

Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions

Unit 5 - Nuclear Chemistry


Crash Course Chemistry: Nuclear Chemistry

Alpha Decay

Beta Decay 

Crash Course Chemistry: Nuclear Chemistry 2 (fusion & fission)