Summer School Due Date Schedule

This is a guideline of due dates for students to complete coursework.  Grades will be entered as 'missing' if not completed by these dates, but will not be counted as 'late' when turned in.  If students fall behind, they may need to work at home to catch up.

June 24th - Unit 1 Packet Due - Take Unit 1 Test

July 1st - Unit 2 Packet Due - Take Unit 2 Test

July 10th - Unit 3 Packet Due - Take Unit 3 Test

July 17th - Unit 4 Packet Due - Take Unit 4 Test

July 24th - Unit 5 Packet Due - Take Unit 5 Test (Last Day of Summer School)

Welcome to Summer School

Welcome to Summer School Physical Science!

You are required to pass this course to graduate from High School.  This course runs from Wednesday, June 17th through Friday, July 24th.

No Class July 2-3

Students should bring a writing utensil, and a calculator every day.  This course is self paced, but I will post a general schedule of when unit packets and tests should be completed to finish in time.

There are 5 units packets and 5 tests in this course.  You must pass the current unit test to move on to the next unit.  Students will be working independently, but are encouraged to ask questions and seek help if they do not understand material.

Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns.