Have a good summer!

Have a good summer!  If you need to contact me this summer I will be checking my email - ecanopy@flaschools.org

Week 39


Monday: Final Review
Tuesday: Final Test
Wednesday: Hidden Figures
Thursday: Hidden Figures
Friday: No School - Teacher Work Day

Week 38


Monday (5/30): No School - Memorial Day
Tuesday (5/31): Mechanical Waves
Wednesday (6/1): Sound & Hearing
Thursday (6/2): Sound Activity
Friday (6/3): Final Review

Week 37


Monday (5/22): Conservation of Energy Practice Problems
Tuesday (5/23): Roller Coaster Simulation
Wednesday (5/24): Roller Coaster Simulation
Thursday (5/25): Review
Friday (5/26): Unit Test

Week 36


Monday (5/15): PE & KE Notes
Tuesday (5/16): PE & KE Practice Problems
Wednesday (5/17): Conservation of Energy Notes
Thursday (5/18): Conservation of Energy Practice Problems
Friday (5/19): Conservation of Energy Lab