These are links to assignments NOT glued into students science notebooks.  If you are looking for an assignment that IS glued into the notebook, please see the Science Notebook page.

Advanced Greek/Latin Vocab Assignment 

Vocabulary Assignment


Unit1 - Atomic Theory

Lab Safety Contract - parent/guardian signature required

History of the Atom Worksheet

Atomic Structure

Atomic Theory Comic Strip

Bohr/Lewis Extra Credit 

Atomic Structure WordWise

Frozen secrets of the "Ice Cube" - Neutrino Article

Bohr Diagram and Lewis Dot Structures
Unit 2 - Periodic Table

Hunting the Elements (NOVA) - video worksheet

Organizing the Elements Worksheet

The Modern Periodic Table worksheet

Representative Groups worksheet

Research an Element Extra Credit

Periodic Trends Project

Getting to Know the Periodic Table (answer key)

Unit 3 - Chemical Bonding

Ionic Bonding

Covalent Bonding

Covalent Bonding Activity

Chemical Bonds Wordwise

Naming Compounds and Writing Formulas Worksheet

Unit 4 Chemical Reactions

Balancing Equations Online Simulation

Energy Changes in Reactions

Types of Reaction

Chemical Formula Writing Worksheet

Unit 5 - Nuclear Chemistry

Isotopes Computer Simulation

Alpha Decay Equations

Beta Decay Equations

Gamma Decay Equations 

Energy Resources

Fission and Fusion 


Extra Credit - Research a Scientist


Unit 1 - Motion

Using a Scientific Approach

Measurement Worksheet

Distance & Displacement

Distance & Displacement Practice

Interpreting a Distance vs Time Graph

Motion Wordwise

Speed and Velocity


Unit 2 - Forces & Newton's Laws


Inertia and Mass 

Mass and Weight

Coefficient of Friction 

Friction Worksheet

Forces & Motion Wordwise

Newton's 1st and 2nd Laws 

Newton's Laws Brainpop

Newton's 3rd Law

Universal Forces 

Unit 3 - Work, Power, Energy

Work and Power

Work Power and Energy Worksheet

Energy and Its Forms

Work Brainpop

Power Brainpop

Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency

Simple Machines

Conservation of Energy Packet  

Elastic Potential Energy Worksheet

Unit 4 - Electricity & Magnetism

Charge it Packet

Electric Charge and Static Electricity

Electric Current and Ohm's Law

Electric Circuits

Magnets and Magnetic Fields

Electrical Energy Generation and Transmission


Physics Extra Credit

Unit 5 - Sound

Mechanical Waves

Properties of Mechanical Waves

Sound & Hearing

Sound Simulation