These are links to assignments NOT glued into students science notebooks.  If you are looking for an assignment that IS glued into the notebook, please see the Science Notebook page.

Life Science Assignments (scroll down for Earth Science)

Lab Safety Contract - parent/guardian signature required

Earth Science Assignments

Unit 1 - Scientific Method/Matter

Lab Safety Contract - parent/guardian signature required

Adopt an Element

Practicing the Metric System

Unit 2 - Rocks & Minerals

Unit 3 - Plate Tectonics

Unit 4 - Geologic Time

Geologic Timeline


Unit 5 - Astronomy

Planet Comparison Paper

Gravity Exploration 

Hunting the Edge of Space Video Assignment

Unit 6 - Water

Unit 7 - Meteorology

Air Masses & Fronts Activity

Graphing the Atmosphere (directions)  (assignment)

Anemometer Lab

Cloud Art Assignment

Unit 8 - Weathering & Erosion

Unit 9 - Minnesota Geology

Earth Science-opoly