Week 22 2/1 - 2/5


Monday (2/1): Finish Unit Conversion Card Game (Advanced: Start Unit Conversion Practice Problems)
Tuesday (2/2): Unit Conversion Practice Problems (Advanced: Sig Figs)
Wednesday (2/3): Unit Conversion Quiz, Notebook Check
Thursday (2/4): Distance/Displacement Notes
Friday (2/5): Speed & Velocity Notes, Distance/Displacement Worksheet Due


Week 21 1/25 - 1/29

Students need to bring their 2nd composition notebook for 2nd semester


Monday (1/25): Teacher Work Day
Tuesday (1/26): Notebook Set Up
Wednesday (1/27): Obsertainer Activity
Thursday (1/28): Measurement and Unit Conversion Notes, 1.2 Using a Scientific Approach Worksheet Due
Friday (1/29): Unit Conversion Card Game, 1.3 Measurement Worksheet Due